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Empel Law P.C. is a multi-practice law firm that caters to clients individual civil, criminal and family needs. Whether purchasing a house, incorporating your business or managing your estate, Empel Law P.C. is here to assist you. We are here to serve and guide you on the various intertwining legal matters that will affect your life as you move through it. Empel Law P.C. has two convenient locations in North Toronto and Mississauga and represents clients from across Ontario.

Wills & Estates

Succession planning is never a fun topic to think about. However, failure to act could leave your loved ones struggling to sort out estate issues after your passing. At Empel Law P.C. we pride ourselves in assisting our clients in the proper structing of the estate plan.

Real Estate

Real Estate law encompasses everything from straightforward transfers of title to complex commercial mortgage applications. At Empel Law P.C. our detail oriented team will ensure that your real estate transactions is carried out without any problems.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved has suffered an injury due to an car accident, slip and fall or any other reason, you need experienced counsel to assist you in obtaining fair compensation. At Empel Law P.C. our lawyers will ensure that you receive the funds you need to get back on your feet.

Family Law

The breakdown of a family unit can be very stressful. At Empel Law P.C. we strive to resolve matrimonial and non-matrimonial family issues, whether property, support or other, with amicability and understanding.

Criminal Law

A criminal charge can greatly impact your ability to live your life as normal. At Empel Law P.C. we are knowledgeable in all steps of criminal litigation and will assist you in this difficult process.

Civil Law

Civil litigation refers to a broad area of law where private individuals use the court system to help resolve their disputes. The legal professionals at Empel Law P.C. are skilled in this highly complex area of law and look forward to assisting you.

International Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney's or other documents which are to be used in foreign jurisdictions have to be authenticated using the statutes outlined in the Hague Apostille Convention, which Canada joined on January 11, 2024. At Empel Law P.C. we have assisted hundreds of clients in preparing and finalizing such documents for use in Poland and India

Meet Our Team

Arkadiusz J. Empel


Arkadiusz J. Empel is the founder and principal lawyer of Empel law Professional Corporation.

Megha Sharma


Megha Sharma is a licensed paralegal practicing in the law firm of Empel Law Professional Corporation.
Sukhdeep Singh Tambar


Sukhdeep Singh Tambar is a Brampton native who practices law as an associate in the law firm of Empel Law Professional Corporation.

Empel Law Professional Corporation

Empel Law Professional Corporation was founded in 2019 as “Empel Law”, before incorporating in 2021. It started out as a sole practitioner firm, which grew to three, by 2023. Arkadiusz J. Empel, Sukhdeep Tambar and Megha Sharma are licensed to practice law in the Province of Ontario and make up the core of the firm.

We are a general practice legal firm. Among its specializations are criminal defence, civil litigation, estate planning, family law and real estate. The professionals of the firm are devoted to providing top quality legal services and are able to assist our clients in the English, Polish, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages.

Empel Law Blog

Real Estate

Estates and Interest in Land

The legal term for land is real property, encompassing everything attached to it, including minerals, airspace, buildings, and fixtures. Individuals do not own land but have estates or interests in it. Estates grant exclusive possession, such as fee simple, life, and leasehold estates. Interests in land, like easements and restrictive covenants, allow use without exclusive possession.

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Criminal Law

Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof

Understanding the burden and standard of proof is crucial in legal proceedings. In civil cases, the plaintiff must prove their claim on the balance of probabilities. In criminal cases, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. These standards ensure fairness and justice, guiding the judge or jury in their decision-making process.

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Business Law

Business & The Law

Understanding business law is essential for entrepreneurs, ensuring compliance, protecting assets, and resolving disputes efficiently. Implementing legal risk management plans, such as avoidance, transference, reduction, or retention, helps mitigate potential pitfalls. In Canada, administrative agencies like the Liquor Licensing Board and Landlord and Tenant Board handle specific regulatory issues under administrative law, offering faster resolutions compared to traditional judicial processes.

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Usługi prawnicze Empel

Kancelaria adwokacka Empel Law P.C. zapewnia swoim klientom najwyższą jakość reprezentacji prawnej pobierając za nią niewygórowane honorarium. Jeżeli Państwo kupują lub sprzedają nieruchomość, potrzebuje sporządzić testament, spisać kontrakt lub wszelkie inne potrzeby prawne, nasza kancelaria jest gotowa zrobićwszystko aby zabezpieczyć i wyegzekwować Państwa prawa.

Nasza kancelaria zapewnia swoim klientom indywidualną obsługę prawną. Jesteśmy łatwo dostępni i zawsze mamy czas dla naszych klientów. Na bieżąco informujemy naszych klientów o stanie ich spraw,ponieważ wierzymy, że powinni oni znać prawa, które im przysługują. Uważamy, że nasi klienci powinni mieć wszystkie informacje potrzebne do podjęcia ważnych decyzji życiowych w sprawach będących przedmiotem naszej reprezentacji.

Arkadiusz J. Empel urodził się w Katowicah. Jako dziecko emigrował do Kanady, razem z rodziną, lecz wrócił jako student aby ukończyć Pracę Magisterską w Krakowie. Przez swoją pracę z polonią w okolicy Toronto utrzymał władność w swojim języku ojczystym. Jeżeli Państwo życzy się skonsultować prosto z adwokatem Polski, proszę przedzwonić na numer 416-500-1937.